Reverse Europe Developer Tools

Getting started

To get started you're going to require an API key to use our API, and some knowledge of a programming knowledge. If you haven't already got an API you can make a request below for one. Requests normally take a few hours to process on a business day.

Request an API key

Please login using Facebook to request an API key.

Login with Facebook

We will send your API key to your facebook email address

Please briefly explain what you intend to use the API for


We do not allow our API to be used to mine our entire database, and we require all usage to comply with our acceptable use and privacy policies. We have two restrictions in place to stop abuse of our service, there is a limit on searches per day based on which API you would like to use and what features you require.

Current Limits (per 24 hours)

Caller ID Extended Lookup: 40

Caller ID Simple Lookup: 80

Spam Lookup: 50

Geo Lookup: 50

API Support

Please contact if you are having trouble implementing our API